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Sponsorship Info

The Corpus Christi Rugby Club is a non-profit organization who is looking for a successful company to partner with that has a heart for the development of the team as a whole and as individuals, and to establish a lasting partnership between the team and the company. 


 The Corpus Christi Rugby Club has always been a competitive, social rugby team who is willing to host any rugby side throughout the world. Each season has at least 12 match games occurring throughout the state of Texas. Our rugby club also hosts a tournament called 7's by the Sea every year at the end of July in which teams from all over the United States come to play. This past year we even had a team from Calgary, Canada come visit to play in this tournament.


Our schedule that we play and our extra events allow us to have great exposure through out the rugby community, our own Corpus Christi Community, and many other areas’s in the United States. We have a few different levels of sponsorship available and hope that you can agree with one of them.


  As a sponsor you will be part of Corpus Christi Rugby as much as past and present players. We look forward to a partnership with you and with your company. Our joint initiative will help us make a difference in our service to the community, our ability to practice at a higher level and in our presentation on and off the field.

Contact Bo 361.834.8551



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